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Solutions for Hotels

Hotels Solutions

Create ambiance for your guests, Electronic Appliances in a hotel is a constant attention grabber like LED Television. The atmosphere of space, functionality, safety and security are all impacted by lighting.  A correct balance of color and intensity of light can be achieved from a broad selection of all branded products.  Products available for Hospitality include LED Screens,  Air Conditioner, Microwave with full range other Led Solution in several color options. All Instasource all our products are Branded and provide long life, energy savings and a positive environmental impact.

Hotels is the place where all guest need more comfort and facilities for their entertainment, you don't need to think about any of the solution, we are here to help you setup all the electronic appliances like LED Television in all your rooms, Microwave for your guest so that they can use it for their convenience. A refrigerator which will help all your guest serve different kinds of drinks instantly.

Instasource will be responsible for all your gadgets setup and maintenance, even all our products are branded and there is manufactured warranty, and available at best price in comparison to other vendors available in the market . We are authorized supplier and distributor of all the brand like Samsung, Voltas, lloyds.